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JC Information Management is a Consulting and Service Providing company, specializing in the area of IoT.

Our ability to connect you to large corporations, medium-sized companies, start-ups and our strong understanding of standardization initiatives in the field of digitalization will enable you to expand your network and enlarge your IoT Ecosystem.

We connect you with the right partners

We are convinced that with a consistent focus on cross-domain standardization, we can provide you with independent interoperability. This means streamlining your business and guaranteeing your investment security.

We have a proven track record within the German industry

We will support you during each stage of the development:

  1. From the outset, our experts will help you in drawing up a concept
    for new solutions.
  2. Next, we will guide you through the Implementation Phase: starting with the prototype implementation right up until the finished final product
  3. Finally, by providing specialized courses for your employees, we will ensure that your work force has the very best levels of knowledge and expertise.

We have the resources available to develop
IoT solution

Current Industry 4.0 projects have shown that JCIM always provides the highest quality outcomes in the results-oriented areas of Utility, Security, Automotive, Communication, Smart City, Manufacturing and Remote Services.

Due to our many years of experience, we have strong expertise in establishing business-critical infrastructures that can be managed in an operational manner. Therefore, JCIM focuses on highly efficient project management, which in these digital times is essential to turn Use Cases into Business Cases.

A team of over
40 people

Based in Berlin

Years of success